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"The initial moment of human life is crucial for positive evolution in cognitive and psychological motor responses throughout life".

Dr. Lígia Bianca Aker

Nurturing motherhood doesn't just mean feeding mom and baby with “food itself”. It also means nurturing the attitudes that nourish the home and family as a whole. It's about maintaining the nourishment of love, understanding, family alignment and good ideas to progress home improvements, improving everyday challenges. Many therapeutic foods and treatments have the power to nurture this kind of intelligence, nourishing the soul and mind, improving relationships, critical thinking, and everything that goes through the lives of people who have a home to support. The link of these two words: Support and Nutrition, do you realize how much they are side by side? "When a woman becomes a mother, it is essential to nourish herself properly to support the quality of life of the family as a whole. And I feel increasingly responsible for that. A woman mother needs to take care of herself and nourish herself to be able to take care of everyone. And in this way I realize that life keeps getting better. For everyone's happiness, your self-love and self-care must come first", Ligia Bianca Aker

Treatment 1000 days, covers all stages:

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