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Nurturing Motherhood



The treatment enhances the proper health that the female human body needs through essential nutrients so that the mother and baby, in synchronicity, are healthy.


Dietary adjustments and supplement prescriptions are personalized, as Lígia takes into account several points to be evaluated, respecting the need and past and present health history of each woman.

For each gestational trimester, there is adequate preparation for the pregnant woman. It is necessary to recommend what she should ingest in greater quantity and also understand what she should not consume or exaggerate in relation to drinks and food.

Each quarter requires preparation for the next phase. All this involves a lot of conversation and clarification of doubts in all program consultations.

Bebê de sorriso


Concern about the health of the mother and baby from the moment of preparation to get pregnant. ​ Maternal and child nutrition today promotes health for both men and women in nutritional preparation for fertilization. Those who believe in this science are ahead, as it is already proven that a large number of diseases can be prevented with nutritional care at this moment where new life will be generated.

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Feeding the Toddler


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