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Professional and Career

Ligia Bianca holds a degree in Nutrition from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) in 2012 and a postgraduate degree in Sports and Functional Nutrition from Instituto Valéria Paschoal (VP) in 2016 is currently a postgraduate student in maternal and child nutrition at FAPES.


Naturalistic, she defends the theory of preservation of quality of life and well-being, linked to rejuvenation and longevity. She emphasizes that healthy eating habits first cultivate real beauty, from the inside out, which is possible through correct eating habits.

For Lígia, Nutrition has always been the great science responsible for maintaining health, as she has always believed that before the cure comes the non-emergence of the disease. And that this happens in people who enjoy preventive functional foods.

Currently, Lígia is an international science researcher in the United States and a student of women's health courses. Her main focus of work at the moment is to direct the REGIONAL Food Reeducation in online consulting and mentoring.

Treatments with Lígia's new methodology bring harmony and balance between health and aesthetics, as well as psychological benefits in relation to anxiety and stress.

Using flexible guidelines on food, Lígia works with subconscious reprogramming to reach goals and objectives. She says that when talking about conscious consumption and practicality in the kitchen, patients reveal greater absorption of educational content about food.

Currently, Lígia is delving into psychology and physiology studies aimed at women's health in periods of hormonal changes such as weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, constipation, food allergies, gluten sensitivity, lactose sensitivity, among others. metabolic diseases and syndromes.



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