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Return and Refund Policy

Ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of our customers is part of our mission. In order for your rights to be respected, we have created a Return and Refund Policy, based on the Consumer Defense Code and the  Ecommerce Regulation (Decree No. 7962/2013) . Demonstrating that the relationship between the Nutritionist Universe and you is based on trust.

Cancellations due to regret must be expressed via email or by phone  +55 11 96113-2013


The deadline for expressing cancellation due to regret must be made within 7 calendar days of the purchase of the service, after which Dr. Lígia is under no obligation to cancel.

It is worth remembering that in order to cancel the purchase on the boleto, the bank account to have the amount reversed must be of the same ownership (and CPF) of the buyer.

Canceling orders on the card:

For orders placed on the card, the purchase will be reversed on the customer's next invoice.

Canceling orders via Boleto:

For orders made through Boleto Bancário, the customer may request a refund by informing their bank details and the company will deposit the account.

In cases of refund of the purchase amount, the team will verify the reason for the request and then take the necessary action.

If the team is unable to perform the service  purchased on Dr. Lígia Bianca Aker's website and the customer requests it, we will proceed with the cancellation of the order.


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